2018-19 GCS Adult Line

Back Row L-R: Alana Resnick, Shannon Gorman, Alex Miner, Helen Weselcouch, Gina Suriano, Rosie Hillenbrand, Hideko Nara, Chelsea Orcutt (C), Emi Freese Front Row L-R: Erica Klopman, Yuriko Inaba, Sam Corrigan, Anami Chan, Grace Holzer (C), Emily Naphtal

2018-19 Average Age: 26

2018-19 Median Test Level: Junior Moves in the Field

Coaches: Melanie Greene, Hideko Nara and Helen Weselcouch

This is the third year skating in the Adult category. The Adult category is a team of 12 to 20 skaters with all skaters being over the age of 18.